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If you aspire to reshape the world, you need to master the art of storytelling. While your IT excels in crafting, deploying, and supporting software, the realm of sales demands a different set of skills. Markweimann.com, a boutique consultancy specializing in the nuanced arena of presales. With an impressive track record spanning 25 years and over 10,000 presentations worldwide, we bring a wealth of experience to the table. Our mission? To impart these invaluable skills to your team, empowering them to captivate and engage your clientele.
Central to our approach is the belief that storytelling serves as the cornerstone of effective communication. Mark Weimann, a recognized leader in this domain, spearheads our efforts. Whether integrated into an ongoing engagement or pursued independently, we can equip your team with the expertise to forge deep connections with customers through the art of storytelling. The result? Leaving an indelible mark on your customers minds, ensuring they remember you long after the encounter. Elevate your customer interactions - let us teach you the power of storytelling!

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Presales assistance in a contract capacity

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Software Demonstration Storyboarding, Preparation, Coaching and training

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Presales Training

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Storytelling training

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What People Have To Say About Mark?

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark in Microsoft for 4 years, and I can undoubtedly say that he is one of the best, if not the best, presales people that I have had the pleasure of working with. His empathy and understanding of the customer, his patience and attention to detail, and his innate ability to turn the most complex concept into something easily explainable is world class. Another thing unique about Mark is the absolute joy and enthusiasm he brings to storytelling. He makes concepts alive, examples relatable, and difficult concepts easy to comprehend. I have told him once, and I will tell him again, that if needed I would pay to see him present just for the experience of it. Let Mark show you what good, no, great looks like and learn from one of the very best in the business – Iwan Prajogo Sr. Tech Specialist Mgr, Microsoft

Iwan Prajogo - Sr. Tech Specialist Mgr, Microsoft

Mark is nothing short of a legend in the realm of presales within the technology and software industry. His unparalleled expertise, deep understanding, and strategic approach have not only set industry standards but have also been instrumental in guiding and shaping the careers of many, including my own. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from him, as the insights and knowledge I gained under his mentorship laid the foundational stones of my own presales journey. Anyone who has the privilege of working with or learning from Mark will undoubtedly attest to his exceptional capabilities and the transformative impact he has in this field. 

Jarrod Huang, Technical Specialist, Microsoft