Presales Training

As a Globally acknowledged practitioner for over 25 years, We are able to train your sales, presales and consulting teams in presales excellence to enable you to
win more deals. We have a ½ day “Principles of presales”, full day “Presales Lifecycle” and 3-day “Immersive Presales Workshop” courses available covering all aspects of presales for sales teams.
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Storytelling Training

We believe that storytelling is the key to effective communication in a one to many context. As a recognized thought leader in the art of storytelling, we can train you in a structured manner to master the skills of storytelling. This training course looks at why storytelling works in engaging audiences, how to use it and practical workshops on developing a story for a presentation. This can also be included on top of the 3 day course

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Presales Consulting And Support

We can provide direct support to opportunities where you may not have available resources through all stages of the sales cycle including:
a. RFx Assistance. We can assist with Rfx evaluation, completion and QA.
b. Discovery – Perform Discovery, identify value drives and help build relationships with stakeholder.
c. Demo environment building – D365 F&O and surrounding applications.
d. Preparation - Presentation preparation and coaching – We can assist and coach your team to prepare for high-stakes presentations, from qualification right through to the presentation itself.
e. Presentation – We can provide direct presentation resource where it adds value to your team and opportunity cycle.
f. Follow-up. We can help with follow-up activities and providing innovative ideas to keep customers engaged after the presentation.
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Contract Consulting

Supply Chain Consulting:
As recognized thought leaders in supply chain management, we offer comprehensive reviews and actionable insights to address challenges, improve resilience, and drive innovation across all aspects of your supply chain.
Retail Operations and Supply Chain Consulting:
Drawing on our experience working with major retailers globally, we identify opportunities for improvement and innovation within your operations and supply chain. Our solutions are tailored to enhance your competitiveness in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

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